Thursday, June 08, 2006

Healthy Eating to Cure Insomnia

Not being able to fall asleep is a problem that has plagued almost everyone at some point in their lives. You toss and turn while you watch the clock slowly tick the minutes away. Just as you feel the tug of sleep, you hear the sound of the alarm clock and you have to get up and face your day without any rest.

There are many contributing factors to the problem of insomnia. One of those factors might be what you are eating during the day. Your breakfast, lunch or dinner could be the culprit behind that insomnia. Our bodies absorb certain foods and those foods could be working against your desire to sleep.

Changing our diets is one of the healthiest ways to fix a sleeping problem. Choosing foods that enhance the body's ability to relax and fall asleep is the most natural cure you can find.

There are foods that naturally work with the body's chemistry to promote sleep. If you find yourself struggling to get a full night's rest it might be worth considering adjusting your diet to incorporate some of the foods listed below.

Fruits - one fruit that seems to have a stronger effect on treating insomnia is lemons.
Breads - any type of bread including muffins and bagels seem to be effective, but whole grain breads are preferable over other types.
Milk - a glass of warm milk has been said to help a person fall asleep and that is true, there is a chemical found in milk that actually promotes sleep.

Everyone's body chemistry is different. Therefore each individual person has to do their own research into what foods work for them. If having a bowl of strawberries before bed makes you sleepy, than you need to consider that strawberries might be a trigger for you. If however, you have an apple and two hours later you are tossing and turning in bed, the natural sugar in the apple might be the reason you are suffering from insomnia.

A good way to keep track of what foods you are eating and how they impact your sleep pattern is to keep a journal. The premise is simple - you just write down each thing that you eat during the day and the time that you ate it. Then each night you mark down what time you go to bed and after waking jot down a quick note or two on how you slept and how long you slept.

Before long you will probably notice a pattern developing - your body will react to certain foods and after consuming them, you may experience insomnia. At the same time you will see clear patterns developing that tell you what foods are helping you to sleep better. With this knowledge you'll be able to carefully plan your meals and snacks while taking into consideration what foods you need to avoid and which you should include in your diet so that you get a full and restful night's sleep.


Blogger Orlena said...

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